Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wings and Quilts

I'm so excited because this is my first EVER blog post! I have been trying to decide how to approach the beginning, that all-scary first post. A blank page can be quite intimidating! But I cannot think of any better way to start than to talk about quilting and fashion in the same post!

I am inspired by so many things around me, but to be honest I am slightly bias to anything with feathers or that sparkles and there is no lack of glitter and feathers at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The VS Fashion Show aired at 10 o'clock tonight on CBS. As always I was so excited to see what wings the designers came up with this year. But, I was especially excited when in the scene following Katy Perry's performance of her song "Firework", the angels came out in a scene of country themed outfits and wings. One model came out wearing a quilt as the train to her ensemble and wings that appeared to be crocheted. 

Another standout outfit from this scene was an angel with quilted wings! 

As I read through the some of the reviews of the show, I saw a few comments talking about how Victoria's Secret had made quilts "hot". As a beginning quilter with a serious passion and love for fashion, this made my night and gave me the perfect inspiration for my first post. To see more pictures from this year's show and learn more about the show and it's angels click here. If you missed the show and are kicking yourself with some really cute high heels- you can stop now, because the show will have an encore performance on the CW on Wed. Dec. 8 at 8! 

Thanks for tuning in for my first post! Stay tuned for more inspirations and thoughts from yours truly!


  1. Welcome to quilting blogland! Are you on Flickr yet? You will find TONS of inspiration and help there.

  2. Thanks Lisa! I have gotten on Flickr to look around but not posted yet. Thank you so much! I love your blog and get a lot of inspiration there!