Friday, December 10, 2010

Feeling like a Billion Bucks!!!!!

Let me begin by saying that I am completely aware that the saying is "feeling like a million bucks", but my fashion inspiration of the week is that Jessica Simpson's fashion line is about to hit it's Billion dollar mark!
The best part about it is supposedly she will be the first celebrity fashion line to hit that mark! I am so happy to hear this because I am a huge fan of her line (her shoes and purses more than anything) and I find myself rooting for her. The media is so brutal as far as she is concerned and always over the silliest stuff!

Also I want to say as the holidays get closer I get more and more inspired but my time to work on projects gets smaller and smaller. I am now carrying 2 inspiration notebooks around just in case I put one down and leave it (which I tend to do a lot).  I have seen so many cute items that I want to work on but unfortunately I will have to get a better hold on the ones I'm already working on. I have four quilts to finish! I will be posting pictures of all my projects soon! But for now until I get over this stubborn case of tonsillitis and start feeling like a million bucks myself or for this post sake a billion bucks, I will be staying in bed with my cat and Lifetime Movie Network's FaLaLaLifetime! Fifa (my kitten) makes such good company as I lay here reading blogs and trying to get better!

Till next time,

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