Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black Swan

Today is the day that I have been waiting for; the movie Black Swan came out today and I cannot wait to see it. I danced, primarily ballet, for 23 years of my life and miss it everyday. As I sit here and watch The Turning Point, I can't help but come to the seemingly obvious realization that all of my style preferences and inspirations, both in fashion, my own personal style, and design, come from a life full of theatrical ballets, sparkling costumes, beautiful makeup and everything dainty and graceful. I loved every minute of it then and probably will forever. I believe I will always be a ballerina in my heart. In honor of the release and newfound understanding, I plan to design a quilt representing all of these things- the graceful movement of a ballerina, all the glamour of the costumes, and drama of the performance. I promise to post all the way through the process.

Now speaking of projects, as I read the blog posts today from the ones I follow, one caught my attention and helped me set kind of a backwards New Year's Resolution. Instead of setting a goal for what I will be doing after the New Year, I am setting a goal for what I want to do until the New Year. I will be taking the challenge by Lisa from Vintage Modern Quilts. She has come up with a challenge called the Sew it Up (WIP) challenge. This challenge is to try and finish all, or at least as many works in progress as you can by the New Year. Getting some more projects finished, I feel will help my motivation and confidence. You can learn more about this challenge and even join in on the fun by clicking here!

Last but definitely not least,  wanted to mention that Tim Gunn was on Conan tonight promoting his new book Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work. 

The whole interview was great, but one thing stood out to me more than anything. As someone had made fun of an audience member for his poorly picked outfit, Tim Gunn simply asked him if he took responsibility for his outfit. When the audience member responded yes, Tim Gunn replied that that is what truly is important. Now while I also agree with him that some things should not be worn ( like jeggings), overall it doesn't matter what your style is as long as you wear it confidently and take responsibility for it. Hope ya'll have a good night! Until next time!

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